YORKSHIRE MARTIAL ARTS established itself on 1st January 2023. However, the academy has been running for a number of years under a different brand. Former Firefighter of 21 years; Ewan Hewett is the owner and Chief Instructor of the academy.

Our mission is to make martial arts accessible to everyone and anyone. No matter what your background or experience you’ll be welcome at YMA.

We are the largest martial arts venue in Tadcaster! It’s comfortable and ideal for both students and parents/carers. The training area is fully matted with plenty of equipment.



We have attained the BMABA Club Colours Award for Yorkshire Martial Arts. The Club Colours award recognises those who go above and beyond to ensure the highest possible level of vetting available anywhere in UK martial arts. Attaining the Club Colours Mark designates you as one of the small percentages of fully vetted martial arts clubs operating within the UK martial arts landscape.

Mr Ewan Hewett

Chief Instructor

Mr H (the ex-fire master) owns the academy and works there full time. He has trained in Martial Arts for over 35 years.  He’s a  professionally qualified martial arts instructor in Kickboxing and Karate, L3 fitness instructor, qualified first aid trainer, nutritional advisor, mental health first aider, EDBS checked and lead safeguarding qualified.

Mrs Sara Selway


Mrs S (the Terminator) is a Personal Trainer. She’s a qualified Instructor, 1st Dan Black belt in Taekwondo and Kickboxing. She is EDBS checked and First Aid and Safeguarding qualified

Miss Charley Wilson-Jennings


Miss CWJ (the future master) is a school student. She’s a qualified Instructor, 2nd Dan Black belt in Karate and 1st Dan in Kickboxing. She is First Aid qualified.

Mr Shaun Collins


Mr C (the lego master) is famously known as the ‘Brick Dude’ and works magic with Lego. He’s a qualified instructor, 1st Dan Black belt in Karate and Blue belt in Kickboxing. He is EDBS checked, First Aid and Safeguarding qualified.

Miss Isobel Mellor


Miss M (the mind master) has bossed her GCSEs and is now studying for her A-levels. She’s a qualified Instructor, First Aid qualified,  1st Dan Black belt in Kickboxing and a Brown belt in Karate. 

Miss Libby Mellor


Miss M (the music master!) is a school student and musician. She’s a qualified Instructor, First Aid qualified, 1st Dan Black belt in Kickboxing and a Blue belt in Karate.

Mr Jack Simpson


Mr S (the Xbox master) is a school student. He’s a qualified Instructor, First Aid qualified and 1st Dan Black belt in Kickboxing.

Mr Sam Holland


Mr Holland (the archery master) manages a business involving quad bikes, archery and other cool stuff. He’s a qualified Instructor in Kickboxing, EDBS checked, Safeguarding and First Aid qualified.

Mr Garth Vladislavich


Mr G (the business Guru) is a business owner and property developer. He’s a qualified Instructor and 1st Dan Black Belt in Karate.

We currently have four more students undertaking Instructor Training. All being well, they should qualify just before Christmas.

Miss Ailis Jennings

Miss Phoebe Coy

Mrs Charlotte Coy

Mrs Stephanie Spaargaren