Two Week Free Trial

Should you wish to come and have a two week free trial in any discipline, please fill in this declaration form and we can book you in.

Once you have completed your 2 week free trial with us you will be considering joining our academy.

Here at YMA we aim to be simple and transparent with no surprises and no hidden costs.

Academy Joining fee

This is a one off fee you’ll pay when you decide to join us. This fee is £95 and covers your academy suit, licence record book, 12 months membership* and access to our website members area, which includes exclusive video content. Any subsequent immediate family members joining will get registration at a further discounted fee of £59.

Taekwondo is £105 registration and £65 for additional family members. This includes a separate Dobok Jacket and personal syllabus.

Membership* is renewable annually, at a current fee of £36.

* membership includes free 12 months personal liability insurance.


Tuition is paid monthly by direct debit. We offer discounts for immediate family members who join. The table below illustrates the monthly tuition fees based on numbers of students training per family and the number of lessons. The maximum tuition fee we charge is £108 so the more family members that train the better the value 

1 student training ~ 1 lesson per week = £36 per month

1 student training ~ 2 lessons per week = £60 per month

2 students training ~ 1 lesson per week = £60 per month

2 students training ~ 2 lessons per week = £72 per month

3 students training ~ 1 lesson per week = £84 per month

3+ students training ~ 2 lessons per week = £108 per month 

Graduations are an important and integral part of your martial arts journey. They are a chance to demonstrate and celebrate learning and achievements. They are held every 3 months and we don’t expect students to grade every time. Our Instructors will assess the students’ readiness to grade and invitations will be sent out 3 weeks prior to the grading dates. 

The current fees are based on current belt levels as follows:

White belt to Green/blue stripe belt = £30

Blue belt to Brown/red stripe belt = £35

Brown/white stripe belt to Pre Dan = £35

Black belt and above = £125